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Grenada Moliniere Underwater Sculpture Park

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Grace Reef / 4.2m - 1.80x .46m
underwater sculpture photo
Consists of 16 figures, cast from a Grenadian woman called Grace.
Each statue is individual and representational of Grenada’s close relationship to the sea.
The front and back profiles of Grace are placed in an area of sand and debris to encourage the formation of coral and to attract marine life.
Sienna / 3.8m - 1.2x .52m
scuba diving photo

This steel sculpture is based on a character from the short story 'A Different Ocean' by Grenadian Author Jacob Ross.
Sienna is a young athletic girl who has a special gift for free diving.
The story is a tale of friendship and betrayal as Sienna’s talents are exploited in the search for lost treasures.

The metal framework is designed to allow currents to pass through the body whilst providing a stable structure for filter feeding organisms to colonize.

La Diablesse / 7.5m - 2.2x .50m
scuba diving photo (La jah-bless) from the French, she-devil. Based on Caribbean folklore, the Devil Woman roams at night. Her face resembles that of a corpse, hidden under a beautiful wide-brimmed hat.
Always dressed exquisitely in a white blouse and a long petticoated skirt to hide her feet, one being a cloven hoof warning of her ominous approach. Despised by women but enchanting to men. In public will charm and seduce them into following her home. Once under her spell she disposes of her male victims by walking them off a cliff or stamping on their heads with her cloven foot. It is believed that when a woman dies during childbirth she returns as a La Diablesse.
The Lost Correspondent / 7m - 1.4x .43m
scuba photo This sculpture documents the rapid change in communications over the last few decades.
It explores how the role of the traditional writer has become a relic, perceived to be lost at sea.
The desk is laminated with original newspaper articles dating back to the 1970’s.
Some of which details Grenada’s relationship with Cuba preceding the revolution.
The male figure is a life cast of local Dive master Ricardo.